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Residential & Commercial Thermal Imaging: What is infrared?

Our eyes are detectors that are designed to detect electromagnetic radiation in the visible light spectrum. All other forms of electromagnetic radiation, such as infrared, are invisible to the human eye. The existence of infrared was discovered in 1800 by astronomer Sir Frederick William Herschel. Curious to the thermal difference between different light colors, he directed sunlight through a glass prism to create a spectrum and then measured the temperature of each color. He found that the temperatures of the colors increased from the violet to the red part of the spectrum. After noticing this pattern Herschel decided to measure the temperature just beyond the red portion of the spectrum in a region where no sunlight was visible. To his surprise, he found that this region had the highest temperature of all.


Building Infared Imaging

Inspecting buildings using a thermal imaging camera is a powerful and non invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings. Thermal imaging technology has become one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for building inspections. A thermal imaging camera can identify problems early, allowing them to be documented and corrected before becoming more serious and more costly to repair.


A building diagnostics inspection with a thermal imaging camera can help:

• Visualize energy losses

• Detect missing or defective insulation

• Source air leaks

• Find moisture in insulation, in roofs and walls, both in the internal and the external structure

• Detect mold and badly insulated areas

• Locate thermal bridges

• Locate water infiltration in flat roofs

• Detect breaches in hot water pipes

• Detect construction failures

• Monitor the drying of buildings

• Find faults in supply lines and district heating

• Detect electrical faults


Detecting building failures with Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras are the perfect tool for locating and identifying building failures because they make the invisible visible. On a thermal image problems seem to jump right out at you. Thermal imaging camera is the one tool that really lets you SEE it all.

A thermal image that includes accurate temperature data provides building experts with important information about the insulation conditions, moisture ingress, mold development, electrical faults, the presence of thermal bridges and the conditions of HVAC systems.

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